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Montessori Evolutive Table &

Welcome to the world of the Montessori Evolutive Table & Chair Set  – where imagination meets functionality! Our adjustable-height and multifunctional set is crafted to accompany your child's journey from the age of 18 months through their primary school years, creating a space for sensory play and endless learning possibilities. Versatile Learning and Play: Luula Table Set is not just furniture; it's a gateway to dream adventures! Whether your little one is engrossed in sensory play or diving into a world of creativity, this set adapts to their evolving needs. The adjustable height ensures it grows with them, providing a personal space for independent activities. 🎨 Bonus Fun:As a delightful bonus, the set includes a transparent acrylic board and a roll of paper – perfect for those spontaneous bursts of creativity or impromptu learning sessions. 🚀 Montessori-Inspired Independence: Embrace the spirit of "Help me to do it by myself!" as inspired


Evolutive Desk & Chair

Discover the enchanting "Wagon Wheel" children's table and chair set at Le Petit Marché Home Furniture LLC, meticulously designed to grow alongside your child from early years through primary school. As purveyors of timeless and functional pieces, this collaborative creation with Italian designer Ezio Pescatori seamlessly blends contemporary aesthetics with the principles of Montessori pedagogy. Our commitment to material quality and safety is evident in the 15 mm thick, natural birch plywood construction. The opal white laminate coating preserves the wood's natural pattern, creating a smooth, warm surface resistant to scratches and stains. The edges, treated with a darker natural oil, add a touch of vintage flair to your interior. Elevate your child's space with the Wagon Wheel – a perfect addition to any Montessori-inspired playroom. Ideal for gifting on your baby's 1st birthday, this toddler desk set seamlessly blends style, functionality, and safety. Own the Wagon Wheel and let