Le Petit Marché, ready for a fairy tell?

Once upon a time, in the bustling city of Dubai, a magical boutique called Le Petit Marché opened its doors to the delight of all the children. This boutique was unlike any other, for it was dedicated solely to the imagination and creativity of modern families and children. As soon as you walked through the doors of this whimsical boutique, you were transported to a world of wonder. The boutique design was a perfect set up for a gate to imagination. Helped by a fairy called Sameerah (@studiosubi), it took many nights under the moonlight for the storekeeper to create this dreamy space for imagination to grow… and joyful interiors to be. The minty shelves were lined with jars, cushions, and frames that were out of this world. There were magic mirrors and mystic candles, lamps and carafes, and even a neon artworks to open children’s eyes wide. The children were free to roam and explore, to let their imaginations take flight and soar to the stars. In the center of the store, there was giants platforms where beautiful decorative pieces were showcased. The children could learn about the mysteries of the universe, and they were all amazed by the serenity and beauty of space. One day, a young girl named Mimi walked into the store and was immediately drawn to a beautiful teepee on display. She approached the Chief of Amazement and asked if she could crawl in and explore. To her surprise, the storekeeper handed her a  magic card and told her that the teepee was all hers for the day. Mimi sat into the teepee, eager to explore the universe. With a flick of the magic card, the teepee lifted off the ground and zoomed out of the store, soaring through the skies of Dubai. Mimi flew past skylines and dunes, and even encountered a friendly bird or two. After what felt like hours, Mimi returned to the store, beaming with excitement. She thanked the storekeeper for the amazing adventure and handed back the magic card. The storekeeper smiled and told Mimi that the teepee would always be there, waiting for her to explore the universe again. All she had to do is write her story on the magic card, pin in on the wall of memory and sign it with a secret sign. The storekeeper added with a smile on her round face once written it is meant to happen… From that day on, the whimsical boutique Le Petit Marché became a regular destination for children in Dubai, who were all eager to experience their own adventures. The storekeeper watched with joy as the children’s imaginations took flight, soaring to the stars and beyond. And so, the tale of the whimsical store in Dubai, dedicated to children’s space, lived on, inspiring generations of young explorers and dreamers.