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Find unique items that elevate your home.

Le Petit Marché, which means “The Little Market” in French. Our boutique curates joyful pieces for families’ interiors from multiple brands around the world, carefully selected by an interior designer dedicated to children’s spaces.

Our treasures are sustainable, ethical, and socially responsible with a quirky vibe to jazz up your homes.

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Here's what matters to us:


Your story is unique and can be seen and translated through your room and your home. We value your story and we’d love to help you tell it through our thoughtfully curated pieces.


We honor the stories of the past by supporting the present. That’s why we offer an ever-changing selection of handcrafted goods from local artisans and craftsmen from all over the world. We work closely with our partners to ensure that their work is sustainable and that they are compensated fairly.

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Our Story

Back In 2009, Zaoui Awatef came to Dubai and worked as a business developer. When she had her second child and realized she couldn’t go back to work, she found herself at home with two kids and the desire to own the narrative of her story.

That’s when Awatef discovered her knack for interior designing. She had renovated their flat and solt it for twice the original price-and it had been an absolute fixer-upper! She loved the process of transforming spaces into something beautiful and felt that it could be a potential business.

During the lockdown, it hit Awatef that kids had so much to carry on their young shoulders. It was sad to realize that childhood wasn’t as carefree, fun, and innocent as she had once imagined. There were so much demands, orders, instructions, competitions, from school and family, pushing children to do better and faster – it was insane!

She started to think of how her skills as an interior designer could support her children in terms of wellbeing and inspiration. She designed her kids’ bedrooms and focused on interior designing for children. She believes that our homes are sacred spaces where we create our stories and memories, it should inspire us, and should truly reflect who we are and it’s best to start it while we’re young.

This was how her kid-focused interior company. Interior by Awatef, was born. The concept was so successful that within a couple of years, Awatef created Le petit Marche, a boutique where families can find unique, joyful, and beautiful pieces to own the narrative of their interiors.

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Interior Design Services

Need a total space makeover? We’ve got you covered! Our expertise covers space where kids can play, work, explore and eventually rest. We cover bedroom, playroom, nurseries, family rooms, classroom.

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